Less Facebook Experiment

Here’s a challenge, or you can call it an experiment. Limit yourself to visiting Facebook no more than one time per day. Don’t let that one time consume your entire day. Just a quick visit. It can be the same time each day, or not. Will you reclaim time? If so, how much? What will you do with your found time? Why not post a photo of your daily found-time activity during your Facebook visit? It could inspire others. Do this experiment for a week, a month, a year, or longer. Just give it enough time to see an actual result.

This is a screenshot from my first day of this experiment. A desktop free of Facebook distractions, and only what I am truly interested in doing.


Current Read: The Most Human Human

A wise friend pointed out an interesting book, “The Most Human Human: What Artificial Intelligence Teaches Us About Being Alive,” by Brian Christian. You can get it from Amazon or Barnes & Noble in hard copy or ebook format. I am only about 50 pages into the book, but already it has given me several […]

We did it!

College Grad The commencement ceremony for Southeast Technical in Red Wing was last evening. I’m so very proud of my daughter for earning her Associate in Science degree. She can do absolutely anything she puts her mind to. That young lady has studied for three years, while holding down a job. She says she would […]

A Smarter Phone

A few years ago, I reluctantly gave up on the idea of using T-Mobile’s cell service in our current, very rural town. I closed my beloved T-Mobile flip phone for the last time, and switched to a service whose bars numbered five, on my new phone. It turned out to be acceptable phone service, although […]

Principles of Fairness and Competition

On the surface, net neutrality enforcement seems wonderful. It’s assumed that the goal is to make sure netizens have the same access to Bob’s Bait Shop as they do to WalMart’s sporting goods section, or the same quality of access to all news sources as they have to their internet providers’ preferred sources. That kind […]