Happy Holidays

That wish might sound generic, but firstly, I really do want to wish you that. No matter the divisions that are fabricated between people, at this time of year especially, we can find common ground and enjoy a sense of peace. And new, wonderful possibilities are ever around the corner.

Gretchen in our new home
Gretchen in our new home

We started moving into our new home at the beginning of the month, and we are very happy to be here. My hubby is very close to his work. I will find a much easier go of doing web development in this area than in the middle of a corn field. Life, in general, is very different here, and I think we are already getting spoiled. The community is awesome. There is a huge difference in even basic services. There is so much here, without being big-city scary. It’s just right, that way. When the weather is warmer (I’m too cold-wimpy to have taken up snowshoeing yet), we’ll have a few lakes and trails to explore and enjoy. This house couldn’t be more perfect. We are most definitely having a happy holiday season.

Wherever you are, enjoy the light these days usher in.

White House Blackmailing US

Even after Americans took to the polls to express their disapproval of his policies, the Traitor-In-Chief plans to force at least one more major garbage policy through. He plans to grant the more than 11 million illegal aliens in our country legal status and a special path to citizenship. No apologies to those who come […]

Bob’s Interview with Garth Brooks

Bob is enjoying the Garth Brooks concert in the Twin Cities. Listen to the interview on his Big Country (100.1) Morning Show, on November 7th. If you are not in the area, stream it live, online from the Big Country website.

The Real Pit Bull

Making Some Changes

So far, it’s a go, with “our” new home. We will more than likely be moving in at the first part of December. We’re very excited about all the change that will mean. Some of the changes are already taking place. I was fortunate to spot an ad for a job opening very close to […]