NiftyFrog OG

WordPress makes blogging a breeze, generally. But with any website, and any online service (like Social Sites), there are normally a few things on the owner’s or visitor’s wishlist. One such little thing might be getting a relevent image and text to show up when crossposting a WordPress post to Facebook, or generating a Twitter Card. This is generally because meta tags specifying such content are not in the origninal page’s code. NiftyFrog OG is a small plugin for WordPress that fixes this. Learn more and get it here, or from your WP Dashboard.

Presidential Lie Jar

After viewing a video of clip after clip of the same Presidential lie, and thinking about the whoppers he’s told over the years, I just couldn’t resist. Feel free to share. The video:

Website Stats – A Comparison

While creating websites, I have had opportunities to try out a few website statistics programs and services. This review of four of them is based on my experiences with them. The four are Google Analytics, StatCounter, Open Web Analytics, and Piwik. Software and Account Setup & Maintenance This section does not take into account hosting […]

Happy Holidays

That wish might sound generic, but firstly, I really do want to wish you that. No matter the divisions that are fabricated between people, at this time of year especially, we can find common ground and enjoy a sense of peace. And new, wonderful possibilities are ever around the corner. Gretchen in our new home […]

White House Blackmailing US

Even after Americans took to the polls to express their disapproval of his policies, the Traitor-In-Chief plans to force at least one more major garbage policy through. He plans to grant the more than 11 million illegal aliens in our country legal status and a special path to citizenship. No apologies to those who come […]