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Delete the Selected Items?

Ready for Teardown

The people we sold our old property to are making a lot of progress. All the siding is torn off the house (not that it looked particularly nice before, but, yikes!), the windows have all been removed, and it’s just waiting for the final tear-down. My husband said that the sewer line may even already be filled with cement.

This is supposed to stop the homeowner from having to pay the utility bill, but the powers that be, in that town, like to make things tough. We just now learned that the town’s new sewage treatment plant is going in directly behind our old property.

What’s neat is learning that my roses and lilies are being saved (moved to a new bed), and the extra lot will be put to good use by the owner, rather than the property sitting there, for years and years. Win win, all around.

That reminds me, I should plant some roses here.

As far as our new home, I was commenting today, again, that I love it, as well as our neighborhood. Change is sometimes scary, especially when giving up a perceived safety net. But this change is a blessing.

Change is Good

Custom Website, or Drag n’ Drop?

Custom Website or WYSIWYG?

New Perspective


What a gorgeous day this is! It helps that I am almost completely rid of the flu bug. We went to our old house, yesterday, to work on getting it ready to transfer to its new owner, and that made me realize what a different outlook, a different view I have of the out-there and the future. We are in a far more suitable situation and setting now, for each of us. Not that I resent the past. We set our wants and dreams aside for a lot of years to just take care of the day to day, and I think that is what has allowed us to shoot for our hopes and dreams in the here-and-now. So the past was a stepping stone, and although we may have slipped and splashed around a bit in the beginning, thank goodness we didn’t step on the wrong one!

Today, I’m just appreciative of this view.

NiftyFrog OG

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Presidential Lie Jar

After viewing a video of clip after clip of the same Presidential lie, and thinking about the whoppers he’s told over the years, I just couldn’t resist. Feel free to share.

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