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Planned Organ Trafficking

I’ve been quiet about the Planned Parenthood body part selling issue for a couple of reasons. One is denial. Hadn’t even watched the video (apparently, there are more) until today. The whole thought seems like something out of a horror movie. Except that movies are safe to watch. And this is a real-life horror for the babies who are killed, and their body parts, for lack of a better word, harvested. I don’t want to believe this is actually happening. But it is. Because a look at additional news sources reveals that Planned Parenthood defends its “tissue” harvesting program. Why defend what isn’t happening?

I’ve always been against women being forced to complete their pregnancies. Not that I would ever have an abortion. I, personally, am very against that. Life is a gift. I can’t imagine putting out the flame of life that belongs to what would be a baby, a human being, who should enjoy whatever that promise of life may bring. However, pregnancy affects two human beings, one of them from the start. I also can’t imagine telling that one what she can and can’t do with her own body. I could no more victimize a woman in this manner than I could victimize an unborn baby, even before it becomes a baby.

Planned Parenthood Organ Harvesting

I did use the word, “baby,” here, in the first paragraph. I believe this is the accurate term. Whether or not the baby can breathe on its own, in order for Planned Parenthood to be trying not to crush body parts and organs in the process of harvesting them, there need to be body parts and organs. That’s not formless cell clusters. That’s a baby. They are trying not to crush body parts while aborting the baby. They want to kill the baby, but while keeping the body parts intact. This must be agonizing for the baby (and I have to mention again that the thought, alone, of killing the baby, should be agonizing to the mother).

The idea of killing a perfectly healthy, growing human being, and harvesting his or her body parts for whatever reason seems wrong. The kind of wrong that makes me want to avoid knowing that anyone could be acting on that idea. I don’t use this word often to describe things that can be described in more clinical, factual terms, but the idea seems evil. And there’s no avoiding knowing about it now. It’s been brought to light. Now that we know about it, this evil practice should be stopped, immediately, within our society. Since Planned Parenthood has proven to be underhanded in this major issue (this isn’t an accounting error – it’s human organ trafficking), they should be shut down. And prosecuted.

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