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I’m a 40-something married gramma, living in central Minnesota. In the warmer months, you’ll find me exploring on foot or bicycling, and in the winter, cowering inside, behind the pages of a book. I’m more of a dork than a nerd, but I studied computer programming and web development in college. Sometimes my two big dogs and four cats allow me breaks from scratching ears and bellies to blog. My interests range from soap making to photography, from politics to web design, and things in between.

I am a freelance web developer, and you can hire me to create or maintain your website. Learn more at


Out for a stroll. I love summer!
My Buddy

My buddy, Gracie. Her smile lights up my world.
Gone Fishin

I’d rather be doing this. :)

This blog will reflect my interests while allowing visitors to share their thoughts. I am as interested in fresh views and topics as in what’s been noted here.