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Planned Organ Trafficking

Planned Parenthood hides its truly evil deeds behind a banner of providing legitimate services. They ought to be renamed Premeditated Murder.

We Always Have Choices

The recent Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage doesn’t sit well with me. That’s the polite way to say it. Before you jump on me, read that first sentence again. “The ruling” doesn’t sit well with me. This isn’t about gay marriage. It’s about the roles of government, and it’s about power and freedom. I […]

Presidential Lie Jar

After viewing a video of clip after clip of the same Presidential lie, and thinking about the whoppers he’s told over the years, I just couldn’t resist. Feel free to share.

White House Blackmailing US

Even after Americans took to the polls to express their disapproval of his policies, the Traitor-In-Chief plans to force at least one more major garbage policy through. He plans to grant the more than 11 million illegal aliens in our country legal status and a special path to citizenship. No apologies to those who come […]

Making Some Changes

So far, it’s a go, with “our” new home. We will more than likely be moving in at the first part of December. We’re very excited about all the change that will mean. Some of the changes are already taking place. I was fortunate to spot an ad for a job opening very close to […]