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How to Vaccuum with a Bissell CleanView

Step 1: Bring the Bissell CleanView model 1816 (9595, for non-Target shoppers) home, giddy over your savings on this purchase. Decide to keep family awake, and stay up late to use it for the first time. Sleep and dog hair be darned! Step 2: Turn the vacuum on, and oogle over the cyclonic, dust bunny-destroying […]

Bike Ride

Pook and I went on the most perfect bike ride tonight. Went through the park by Foot Lake, and through part of downtown. Seven months after our move, and I just love it here. There are so many lakes nearby, and Foot Lake is just the closest one. This is, as I normally call them, […]

What a Little Rain Can Bring

See? No dead plants, yet. I’ve been putting in very, very young (and sort of pitiful) plants, so if they don’t survive me, or Gracie digging in them, I can replace them early enough. Each seems to be doing better by the day. This (right) is what I did with a dead patch of grass. […]

New Perspective

What a gorgeous day this is! It helps that I am almost completely rid of the flu bug. We went to our old house, yesterday, to work on getting it ready to transfer to its new owner, and that made me realize what a different outlook, a different view I have of the out-there and […]

Making Some Changes

So far, it’s a go, with “our” new home. We will more than likely be moving in at the first part of December. We’re very excited about all the change that will mean. Some of the changes are already taking place. I was fortunate to spot an ad for a job opening very close to […]