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Restrict Articles to Specific Users in Joomla 3.4

For a CMS, plugins can conveniently add functionality, but I don’t want to add a plugin for every last little task. Especially when out-of-the-box functionality can accomplish what I want to do. Joomla is a superb CMS for a variety of purposes. It’s my own choice for one of my websites. For that site, I […]

Dominoes, Anyone?

I’m not slamming rural areas. Having grown up in Montana, I love being where it is not so populated, where it is safer, and where one can still enjoy nature. The overall place, and the people, are wonderful. After a particularly trying day, I’m just sharing some of my personal experiences and observations when it […]

Scam Alert!

I can normally spot an e-mail scam a mile away, but here’s one that isn’t as obvious as most others. At least, it’s not as obvious at first. Here is an e-mail I received, at my web development address: Hello Am [name intentionally omitted], Am making an inquiry to know if you can handle website […]

Custom Website, or Drag n’ Drop?

Custom Website or WYSIWYG?

NiftyFrog OG

WordPress makes blogging a breeze, generally. But with any website, and any online service (like Social Sites), there are normally a few things on the owner’s or visitor’s wishlist. One such little thing might be getting a relevent image and text to show up when crossposting a WordPress post to Facebook, or generating a Twitter Card. This is generally because meta tags specifying such content are not in the origninal page’s code. NiftyFrog OG is a small plugin for WordPress that fixes this. Learn more and get it here, or from your WP Dashboard.